Purchase and supply of nuclear fuel
Areva France
UG Germany
Cameco Inc. USA
Kazakh Atomic Energy Industry Company
Traxys USA
ARMZ Russia
Dominion USA
TVEL Russia
Westinghouse Electric Company LLC.
TENEX Russia
NUKEM Germany
Bhpbilliton Australia
Chashma, Pakistan
Urenco Enrichment Company Limited UK
Kansai Power Co., Ltd
Tohoku Electric Power Co., Ltd
Tokyo Electric Power Co., Ltd
Chubu Electric Power Co., Ltd
Nuclear power equipment and technology supplier
Shanghai Electric Group Co., Ltd.
Dongfang Electric Group Co., Ltd.
Harbin Boiler Co., Ltd.
Harbin Turbine Works Co., Ltd.
Spent fuel reprocessing related
Evonik Energy Services GmbH
Domestic partners
National Nuclear Power Technology Corporation
China Power Investment Corporation
Guangdong Nuclear Power Group of China
CGN Fuel Co., Ltd
COSCO Group Co., Ltd.
Bank of China
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China
China Development Bank
Export Import Bank of China
Bank of China Insurance Company
Daya Bay nuclear power plant
Qinshan nuclear power plant Phase Ⅰ
Qinshan nuclear power plant Phase ⅠⅠ
Qinshan nuclear power plant Phase ⅠⅠⅠ
Jiangsu Tianwan Nuclear Power Station
Fujian Fuqing nuclear power station
Qinshan nuclear power plant Phase Ⅰ (Fangjiashan)
Hainan Changjiang nuclear power station
Hunan Taohuajiang nuclear power station
Liaoning Xudabao nuclear power plant
Zhejiang Sanmen Nuclear Power Station
Shandong Haiyang nuclear power station
Guangdong Jiangyang nuclear power station
Fujian Ningde nuclear power station