Research Institute of physical and chemical engineering of nuclear industry

Research Institute of physical and chemical engineering of nuclear industry(IPCE)is one of the important members of CNNC, which was founded in 1964. It is the only research base specialized in uranium isotope separation technology, equipment research and key point experiment of CNNC. Currently, IPCE has 5 research institutes, 3 technical support centers, 4 wholly-owned subsidiaries, key laboratories and innovation centers for science and technology industry. Currently staffed by more than 680 professionals, and are more than 340 senior engineers. With the right to confer master's degree, it is a postdoctoral research workstation with independent enrollment qualification approved by the Ministry of human resources and social security. 3 Academician of CAS and 3 academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering have been successively produced, has made outstanding contributions to the institute of nuclear physics and chemistry and the development of China's nuclear industry. There are 10 enjoy the special government allowance of the state council; 5 experts with outstanding contributions at the national and provincial levels; 2 national science and technology outstanding workers, 1staff is national technical expert; 1 Tianjin Professional Title Expert; 1 is Tianjin "131" talents. We have won more than 540 state major invention awards and state awards for scientific and technological progress, and holds nearly 800 authorized patents.

Over the past 50 years, IPCE committed to the research of advanced separation methods, successively developed a variety of models of machines, successfully developed with independent intellectual property rights of special equipment, it has also realized industrial production and industrial application, solved the bottleneck problem that has long restricted the development of nuclear fuel industry in China, and made outstanding contribution to the development of nuclear industry in China. In recent years, The achievements of scientific research have been transformed into high-tech industries, and various isotope separation studies have been carried out, among which xenon, tungsten and silicon have been produced in small batches; The mobile emission wastewater treatment equipment independently developed has reached the international advanced level and achieved industrialization. The mobile nuclear air purification plant and other nuclear technology equipment have been successfully applied, which has improved China's ability to cope with emergencies.

Into a new era, IPCE will actively carry out the construction of the new base, and build it into an international first-class R&D base integrating basic theoretical research, R&D of key technologies, high-tech industry incubation, and senior personnel training, so as to make greater contributions to China's national defense construction and the development of the nuclear industry.