Company Introduction

China's nuclear energy industry was born out of the need of the rising power. From scratch, from small to large, in 1980, a professional company, China Nuclear Energy Industry Co., Ltd. was born. It is the first powerful international trading company in China's nuclear industry after the reform and opening up.

For nearly 40 years, China Nuclear Energy Industry Co., Ltd. has made historic contribution building a strong Chinese nuclear industry.

In 2017, The China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) decided that China Nuclear Fuel co., Ltd. and China Nuclear Energy Industry Co., Ltd. to build up a new Chinese Nuclear Energy Industry co., Ltd.. Strong alliance, it has realized the integrated operation of nuclear fuel research and development, manufacturing, sales and international trade services.

CNEIC operation and management business scope has been expanded rapidly, and its industrial development capacity has been enhanced rapidly. Now, CNEIC has entered the world nuclear fuel market and become a nuclear fuel industry company with international influence.

CNEIC is the only domestic nuclear fuel producer, supplier and trading service provider in China. Mainly engaged in nuclear fuel products (uranium purification and conversion, uranium enrichment, uranium assembly, special equipment) , manufacturing, engineering construction, key technology research and development, and uranium products, nuclear fuel cycle equipment, nuclear power technology and equipment import and export trade. To be responsible for the foreign trade agent for China's major nuclear power plant technology and equipment and supplying nuclear fuel for all nuclear power plants; To be responsible for the technology transfer and fuel assembly supply for China's first export nuclear power plant; It can supply nuclear fuel for nuclear power plants in Europe, America and Asia, and provide scientific reactors and nuclear fuel services for developing countries assisted by the international Atomic Energy Agency.

CNEIC has very mature uranium purification and conversion technology, stable production and supply, with a production capacity of 10,000 tons; has independent centrifuge development capacity and successfully achieved industrial application, to meet China's current and future nuclear power development demand for power separation and a certain international market demand for power separation; has a complete R&D and manufacturing capacity of nuclear fuel elements, and has realized localization from design, development, reactor test, performance testing to batch production; has the nuclear grade zirconium material and the product development and the processing capacity.

With the continuous development of the nuclear energy industry at home and abroad, the nuclear fuel industry construction and trade service business of CNEIC keeps growing, and has gradually expanded from the nuclear power, nuclear fuel industry trade service and other fields to the Minmetals chemical industry, mechanical and electrical, light industry, textile and other fields.

Based on the principle of mutual benefit and win-win cooperation, CNEIC has maintained good trade and business cooperation relations with IAEA and related enterprises in more than 50 countries and regions, forming a global trade network that can provide high-quality, efficient and convenient services for domestic and foreign users.

CNEIC will always maintain the power of safe development and innovative development, and promote China's nuclear industry to achieve better, faster and stronger high-quality development goals!